My name is Emily Tyler. I grew up in Connecticut, the youngest of five children. I graduated from New England College (New Hampshire) with a BA in psychology. My first job was with First Boston Corporation where I was responsible for client entertainment and special events. After marrying my husband Bill, I went to work with the family real estate company as a broker. We also have a building company, Tyler and Company Homes, which builds custom homes.

I enjoy cooking, gardening and party planning. I’m frequently consulted for advice about home decorating, menu tips and landscaping, which brings me to this blog to share my thoughts in a more formal manner.

I currently work in Middleburg, Virginia, for The Hill School, a small K-8 independent school where I work as the Special Events Coordinator in the Development Department and as a receptionist at front desk, my favorite spot.    It is quite a community we have.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I found you through Tricia Booker Photography. Good luck to you as you start your blog, sharing tips and ideas with the blogging world. I have not even been blogging for a year yet and only blog sporadically, but I enjoy it immensely. I predict you will too. And we’ll all benefit. Happy New Year! I will keep looking in.

  2. So glad to see you here. My mouth is watering, my stomache rumbling. I know the warmth of your spirit and passion for the topic you blog. Have fun! I’ll be watching and enjoying.

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