Lunch Box Roast Beef

Back to school and back to packing lunches.  Roast beef from the deli often has a heavy marinated taste, so I was motivated to create my own.  Look for the Eye of Round Roast which is a lean cut of beef.  Searing then roasting slow and low is the trick – and just like the deli, slice it as thin a possible because it is a tough cut of beef, but has lots of flavor.  A cast iron frying pan is a must – if you do not have one, they are inexpensive and the best tool for searing and roasting meat.

1 4-5 lbs Eye of Round Roast

Kosher Salt

  • Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees
  • Heat a cast iron frying pan on medium high and sprinkle liberally with Kosher salt
  • Sear the beef on all sides (give each side , and ends a minute each)
  • Insert a digital thermometer and set the temperature alarm for 123 degrees
  • Put the roast and the cast iron frying pan in the oven
  • Roast for about 30 minutes per pound or until it reaches 123 degrees
  • Remove from the oven when it reaches temperature and let the meat rest
  • The meat will continue rising – usually to about 132 degrees which will give you rare roast beef, if you want it less rare, take it out around 125 degrees, but not much more or it will be too tough
  • Let it cool completely and refrigerate overnight
  • Ready for thin slices in the morning, for the perfect lunch box sandwich

The only thing that could make this meat better is a

dollop of horseradish mixed into the mayonnaise

don’t forget the salt and pepper

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