Lunch Lady Chicken Salad

I had a great Uncle Hubert and he was a farmer at heart.  He and his wife Mildred, had a beautiful piece of ground, overlooking the reservoir.  Hubert filled that spot with wild ponies, chickens, and a garden which was a good three feet deep in the richest soil that produced strawberries that burst when touched they were so lush.  He had a magical hand with all things living.  When I was in middle school, he did some janitorial work at my school.  When lunch time came around I would steal away into the kitchen and he would be having lunch with the ladies.   I would alway be treated to an extra piece of cake and a visit.  This was back when the ladies would actually cook – and did it well.  This is a Chicken Salad with no pretense, similar to recipes that came out of that kitchen – just good.  I have it pictured with Iceburg Lettuce and a pickle, but it can be brought to another level with more exotic combinations, all up to you.

3 Chicken Breasts, poached and cut into chunks

2 ribs Celery cut into chunks

salt and pepper

Mayonnaise to bind, start with 1/3 cup and see

  • Place the chicken and celery and mayonnaise in a food processor
  • Pulse until the chicken and celery are uniform and finely diced
  • Add more Mayonnaise to taste if necessary

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