Chicken and Vegetables

I have started the habit of shopping for groceries just once a week.  I will only break the rule for milk, wine, dog food or toilet paper – four things there is just no substitute for although I do try to make sure they are always in stock.  Even though this meal was made the day after the big shop, I was determined to use what was in the refrigerator and not go for the new purchases.  It started with a half of a roasted chicken, I pulled the meat off and made stock with the bones.  I added my trusty root vegetables which I always have on hand and the stand by, frozen onions.  Asparagus, the springtime treat made it special.  This meal was not particularly fast, but, there was great satisfaction knowing I was not wasting food, and it was really good.  So the take away – be creative with what you have, it is good for your finances and even better for our environment to not waste.

1 Roasted Chicken,  enough meat left to make this meal

Water and White Wine

2 Tbs each Flour and Chicken Fat, or Butter

Salt and Pepper to taste

3 Carrots, peeled and cut into 1/4″ pieces

3 Stalks of Celery, cut into 1/4″ pieces

1/2 cup Frozen Diced Onion

1 cup Asparagus, cut into 2″ pieces

  • Pull the meat from the chicken and dice.  Place the bones and skin in a large pot
  • Cover the bones with water and give a good 1/2 cup of white wine to the pot
  • Boil for 30 minutes and take off the heat
  • Pour the stock through a strainer and discard the bones
  • Dice the carrots and celery and add the frozen onion – saute in a pan with 1 tbs of butter until tender, remove from the pan
  • Bring a pot of water to a boil and add the asparagus, cook for about 2 minutes – Drain
  • In the pan you sautéed the vegetables, heat the flour and butter/chicken fat and stir constantly for about one minute
  • Add 1 cup of stock at a time and stir until smooth and thick (I used about 2 cups)
  • Add the chicken, asparagus and carrot mixture and gently combine in the gravy
  • Serve with good bread, rice, biscuits or mashed potatoes or anything which might need to be eaten on this day

    Oh Happy Spring

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