Buttermilk Chicken

Nothing is better than a well-roasted chicken.  This chicken marinates for at least 24 hours, and up to 48 as this one did.  I cut the chicken along the backbone and flattened it out and cut off the wing tips.  This helps the chicken cook faster and not dry out the white meat.  Is it just me, or do you see the shape of a heart in the breast meat – must mean there is love in the air..


2 cups of Buttermilk

1 Tbs. Salt

1 Tbs. Sugar

1 Tbs. Fresh Rosemary, minced

1 1/2 tsp.  Smoked Paprika

1 whole Chicken, cut along the backbone, flattened and wing tips removed

Additional Smoked Paprika and Cracked Black Pepper

  • Mix marinade and pour over prepared chicken
  • Place chicken and marinade in a glass 9X13 pan for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator, skin side down, covered with plastic wrap
  • Remove chicken from the marinade, and place on a rimmed cookie sheet skin side up
  • Sprinkle with the additional smoked paprika and cracked black pepper
  • Roast at 375 degrees for approximatey 1 1/2 hours or until the juices run clear and the leg join feels loose when wiggled
  • Remove from the oven,  and allow to rest for at least 15 minutes
  • pour juices from the pan over the chicken, carve and serve

One thought on “Buttermilk Chicken”

  1. My 6-year-old daughter just ewlkad behind me, saw the picture and asked for these for dinner… even though we just finished eating! She’s a chicken wing freak! I love the addition of rosemary. They sound amazing 🙂

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